Injection Blow Moulding           

Steri-Plas use Injection Blow Moulding machines from well respected US manufacturer Jomar Corp. Our machines are capable of moulding a range of container shapes and sizes in a wide variety of materials, including H.D.P.E and P.P


Mainly used for smaller bottles, deodorant roll on bottles and jars, where high cavitation gives economical manufacture of high quality products, common in areas such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal care.





Injection Moulding

Cinqplast has a modern array of European Injection moulders capable of moulding above 300 tonnes, injection moulding of Technical and thin wall packaging articles.


This process is used for a vast number of product groups, caps and closures from Polypropylene through to technical components out of engineering resins plus thin wall food packaging from latest clarified polymers. 



Injection Stretch Blow Moulding

Cinqplast currently has a number of machines utilising single stage technology moulding P.E.T.


Mainly used for P.E.T., where people require high clarity and superb presentation of their product, products such as water bottles, high quality cleaning products, pharmaceutical and cosmetics.P.E.T is classified as category one for recycling, this has the most re-uses and is currently been actively recycled in Australia, Cinqplast is currently utilising some recycled materials in less critical non food applications. 



Extrusion Blow Moulding

Cinqplast uses mainly high quality German blow moulding machinery; we have machines currently moulding H.D.P.E, L.D.P.E, P.P, and P.V.C.


Used for larger articles, from 300mls upward typical applications such as detergent and bleach bottles, automotive products and personal care.




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